BTH 21-Day Challenge Programme

BTH 21-Day Challenge Programme

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21-Day Challenge Programme


**Read Before Purchase**

Sometimes, we all need a BOOSTER to get the motivation and momentum moving in the right direction.

This programme is extensive, holistic and BUILT for BOOSTING. It's for those looking to see quick fat loss results whilst beginning to build in the basis of healthy lifestyle habits.

It provides an opportunity for you to tailor the information to your lifestyle and challenge yourself in reaching your goals over the 21-days and thereafter.

This programme is for anyone looking to:

  1. Kickstart your fat loss.
  2. Improve your health holistically.


**Living a Healthy and Happy Lifestyle**

Areas Of Focus Include:

  1. Nutrition & Training (applicable anywhere & anytime).
  2. Two life changing habits.
  3. Social and physical environmental influences.
  4. Social support and accountability.
  5. Emotional vs real hunger.
  6. Unique and personal portion sizing (without the need to calorie count).
  7. 21 Day Challenge extensive  shopping list.
  8. Recommended supplements (if needed).
  9. Water and its effects on fat metabolism, detoxification and hunger.
  10. The 3 foundational pillars of training and how to use them.
  11. Finding and optimising your stress zone for adaptation rather than burn out.
  12. The most overlooked component to fat loss and healthy living - sleep and recovery.
  13. The detrimental effects of lack of sleep (both biochemically and psychologically).
  14. How to create your own 21-day sleep routine.



  • EXCLUSIVE Email Support and Guidance throughout the 21-Days (Opt in on pinned post in private Facebook group)
  • A private Facebook group for everyone who have / are taking part, sharing their personal experiences, recipes, tips & tricks, motivations and more.

 I'm also active on the group for any questions you might have during the challenge (as well as occasionally checking up on a 'challenger' to see how they're doing!).

Come join in and start your 21-Day Challenge.

Facebook @ "BTH 21 Day Challenge!"