British Model

With A Passion For Nutrition & Fitness

Growing up being overweight, asthmatic and suffering from depression, anxiety, low-self esteem and low self-confidence. I turned to educating myself in all aspects of health (starting with fitness & nutrition), to build myself up into the healthy and happy person I am today. 

Fashion Modelling was an opportunity that came out the blue, which I took up and discovered a lot more about myself, my health and my psychology around maintaining a model physique. This brought along bouts of extremism with exercise and diets, all whilst 'tuning out' on the aspects of life that really mattered to me and brought happiness.

Over time and further up-skilling myself, I changed my approach and focused on the long-term by building up simple, progressive and sustainable habits around my health that no longer caused anxiety or short burst of extremism and regressing back to poor health. I learnt how to gain control and get to my health and physique goals (whilst enjoying the process), sustaining them, and being able to focus on the more important things in my life (family, friends, relationships, career, experiences) without having my health or body image constantly in the back of my mind.

After graduating with a 1st class degree (with Hons) in BSc International Management from Manchester University, I decided to fully immerse myself in the health industry, investing in my passion, and helping others improve their health.

My passion revolves around everything and anything health & mindset related. I live to learn more, try more, educate others more, and help change the lives of others if they so wish to, so they too can overcome their health concerns and find the balance that best suits them, given their lifestyle and their desired outcomes, to once again truly experience what life has to offer us. 

Health and Happiness are my two pillars that keep me standing... You cannot sustain one without the other. Once developed, they provide the solid foundations necessary to build the most bountiful lives... something we should all have.