COLD Thermogenesis

This is a great tool to have in your armory for health, and an AMAZING natural ‘pick me up’! Yeah as you may have guessed, this IS about cold showers & baths, and quick dips in the freezing ocean.

I personally use this when I’m away in HOT climates, like my Christmas in Chile with the family, or the year in Singapore (but for those tough enough, try it in the winter). I’ll only take cold showers, and if there is access to the pool or sea, I’ll do 5-10mins swim in the morning (followed by a cold shower)- this is incredible for waking you up in the morning - you’ll genuinely feel a buzz!

Science Behind the madness

For Fat loss

Your body holds two types of fat (white and brown).

WHITE is the typical fat which accumulate around the midsection, thighs and neck from excess calories.

BROWN adipose tissue (BAT) is used by the body to generate heat, keeping our core body temperature stable when exposed to extreme cold. It does this by burning the white fat for energy - yes... fat burning fat!

However, BATS is only activated when in a cold environment so try and endure the cold! BATS is also associated with leanness, which makes sense, as the body generally needs more of it in order to keep the core temperature up without the excess white fat insulating the body.

Other Benefits:

  1. Increased alertness, concentration,
  2. Speeds up muscle recovery and soreness - reduces inflammation,
  3. Eases stress,
  4. Improves immunity & blood circulation,
  5. Refines hair and skin (for all you models out there!)


Try the White Walker lifestyle challenge (#gameofthrones) – cold showers for 7 days let me know what you think!

Stay Healthy & Happy!