1. Plan

Over Christmas, I’d planned the days I was going to drink. So obviously Christmas day and New Years Eve were the big ones. However, so not to miss out completely, I took up half a glass of red a few nights, plus half a Pisco Sour (My favourite Chilean drink!). The idea of PLANNING, allowed me to fit my routine around heavier drinking days.


Come the Day:


2. Rest / Cardio Day

I'll either look to do a 15-20 min HIIT before my first meal or REST - so that I’m not chancing my recovery from the strength program. The following day is ALSO a REST/CARDIO day, usually the opposite of whatever the day before was.


3. Low Fats

Here comes a little biochemical science…! Alcohol suppresses fat oxidation (the process of utilising fat for energy), so consuming high amounts of fat on heavy drinking days isn’t optimal.

Your body looks to first metabolise the alcohol, holding off burning fat for energy, and instead stores the fat through lipogenesis. So on these days I try to keep my fat intake low - although there was a South American steak at NYE! But that was it in terms of fat for the day.


4. High Protein

Eat at all meals. Try and keep it to lean sources so to keep your fat intake low. Protein will keep you satiated and keep your muscles flushed with aminos.


5. Carbs Moderate

Try to keep to vegetables and salads, with minimal carb-dense foods. This is because; firstly, your choice of poison will likely have some carbs in it (sugar or otherwise); secondly your liver converts alcohol to acetate, which then becomes the primary source of oxidation by your body, before carbohydrates and fats for energy - in that order!


6.Drink the majority of your alcohol after food

As alcohol blunts carb and fat oxidation, try and keep it minimal until after dinner before hitting it heavy (if you are even planning to).


7.Fight off the late night food binge!

Alcohol is pretty poor with satiety, so don't worry it’s normal to feel hungry after a big night out.

HOWEVER, whilst acetate is still in your system, your body isn’t going to oxidize other nutrients and instead look to fat storage - so beware of the pizza, burger & kebabs!

If you don’t stick to ALL of these tips, don’t worry we’re not perfect! But you’ll STILL be doing better than most ;)

Stay Healthy & Happy!