During our trip to Chile, typical of our Chilean Christmas ways, we went on a long walk to the mini rapids for a swim - then grabbed the 'taxi' ride back to chow down on lunch.

Wherever you are, doing a 1hr + walking is an amazing exercise for your recovery days for 3 main reasons:

  1. It's not taxing on your central nervous system (CNS), so you won't be neurologically fatigued come tomorrows workout session.
  2. Reduces cortisol levels i.e. de-stressing. Also benefits other hormones functionality, specifically regenerative anabolic hormones such as: testosterone and growth hormone. Balancing hormones is the key to unlocking fat loss and building strength...more on this at a later stage!
  3. Have time to focus on yourself / others. Listening to your favourite podcasts, and, in my opinion the most valuable, CONNECTING with friends and family that you may not have spent much time with.

Although there are many more physiological benefits to active rest days (including raising your TDEE), the 3rd main point to me has a lot of psychological benefits which should not be forgotten - and also meaning to others when you're not alone.

Try this out on rest days, and see the value it brings to your life.

Stay Healthy & Happy!