Coming up to the big Easter Feasts! I thought I’d post something on ‘cheat’ meals.

I’m not your typical ‘cheater’ - and I don’t believe you should be on a ‘diet’ that makes you feel the need to ‘cheat’.

Personally, I love eating whole foods in a bunch of different ways, and eating out for me isn’t always what you would term a ‘cheat’ as long as I’m smart with my choices.

If a dinner is coming up which I know I’m probably going to go full out on, with pizzas, burgers, curries usually followed by ice creams, cakes, cheesecakes and whatever! Then I’ll put some strategies to use (these work for me – and may not suit you):

1. Fast

  • Try fasting in the morning with water, herbal teas and black coffee
  • Having a light protein and veggies / salad meal for lunch
  • Pushing the majority of your calories later in the day - particularly your carbohydrates and fats


2. Re-feed day

  • If you’re carb cycling and can work it into your routine, use this ‘cheat’ meal as your re-feed day.
  • Remember to keep your fats relatively lower though so don’t go crazy with the fatty ‘cheat’ foods!


3. Eat Slowly & Enjoy!

  • Take your time eating the meal
  • One tactic is too put down your food or your cutlery in-between mouthfuls and go back to it once you’ve finished your mouthful
  • Another is too just make each mouthful smaller and really enjoy it. Don’t just charge your way through it!- This can also help with digestion – Remember, it takes 15-20mins for your brain to receive satiety signals from the gut.


4. Moderate

  • This might be a little tough as it requires will power
  • Try to know before tucking in: what you’re having, how much you plan to have, and when to stop.


5. Time your alcohol

  • If you’re planning a big night out, try and keep alcohol consumption low before and during your meal, and then go heavy!
  •  Check out the post on ‘7 tricks on alcohol’ for why and for more tips.


6. Eat a light meal just before

  • Eating a light meal of protein and vegetables can be helpful so that you aren't ravenous the moment you arrive at the restaurant.

P.S 1-2 tablespoons of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR in water, within an hour before a high carbohydrate meal (particularly high GI) can dramatically improve insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar levels - neat trick! Although new research shows this can vary between individuals.


Hope everyone has a great Easter! 

Next week look out for a DAILY SUPERFOOD SPECIAL

Stay Healthy & Happy!


*** Posted whilst experimenting with Intermittent Fasting & Macronutrient-Counting***