Bodytype Nutrition

This can be one of the toughest things to get your head round… It’s built into our psychology that when we see someone in excellent shape, we want to know HOW they did it. And sure enough after some chitchat you end up buying their EXACT workout&nutrition program.

After 3 weeks you feel confused, “I’m following the plan to the tee, WTF has my bf% has gone up, my performance decreased and I’m constantly feeling shattered!”

There are many factors that could go into answering this Q (such as differences in: hormonal output & regulation, sympathetic nervous system, genetic predisposition, gut microbiome, lifestyle & more)

…However a good place to start is bodytype nutrition - eating what’s right for you.There are three groups of bodytypes, ecto-, meso- and endomorph:


- Naturally skinny, think marathon runner

- High carbohydrate tolerance.

- Perform best with a high carb, low fat diet.


- Naturally muscular, think gymnast

- High carbohydrate tolerance.

- Perform best with an equal split of carbs & fats.


- Naturally fat, think shot-put athlete

- Low carbohydrate tolerance.

- Perform best with a low carb, high fat diet.

Each of these groups should have a moderate to high protein intake. Very few people fit into one perfectly, and typically you’ll find that you’re a mix of two - also it can change overtime with your body composition.

For example, I’m a mix of endo- and mesomorph. I feel at my absolute best with slightly higher fats relative to carbs. Too much carbs and my energy levels are all over the place! Too much fat and I feel weak throughout the day.

The best place to start is to identify from your physique and general energy levels (from carbs and/or fats) which group you might be in as a baseline, and slowly adjust your fat:carb ratio if needed to where you feel and perform at your best.

Once you find this, getting to your goals is A LOT easier. – If you’re not tracking macronutrients (which I personally use for specific purposes and not year-round) go on FEEL, one of them most important things is becoming ‘IN-TUNE' with your body, how you feel, function off certain foods.

The reason why the example above may happen (and is more common than you think!) Is when and endo/ecto- morph takes on the program of a ecto/endo- morph with different efficiencies in energy  systems… Find out yours and EAT FOR YOU!

Stay Healthy & Happy!

*** Posted whilst experimenting with Intermittent Fasting & Macronutrient-Counting***