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Happy Easter Monday!! This week I thought I’d post my Top 6 Superfoods! Where better to start than with the antioxidant rich chocolate…cacao!

Key Benefits:

  • Has the most antioxidants of ANY food
  • Ton of essential vitamins and minerals
  • ...Aphrodisiac ;)
  • No.1 source of magnesium - which is our most common mineral deficiency, over 80% of the US population is deficient in magnesium.


High source of magnesium helps with:

Cardiovascular health, blood flow and nutrient & oxygen absorption

  • Digestion
  • Bowel movement
  • Bone health


How to take:

I love to either buy 65%+ cacao chocolate or cacao nibs and eat them by itself


  • A handful sprinkled on top of yoghurts / pancakes
  • Lightly baked or frozen in homemade protein bars
  • Blended in smoothies


Make sure to buy the RAW version - not roasted, as the heat treatment removes most of the antioxidants and other benefits.

P.S. A little bit of history… the Aztecs believed it to be a gift of the gods, and it was so highly valued it became a form of currency!

Stay Healthy & Happy!