Key Benefits:

  • Antiviral, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial
  • Doesn’t get stored as fat!
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Reduces abdominal fat
  • Great for thyroid functioning
  • Speeds up the thyroid gland
  • Improves cholesterol - increases HDL, lowers LDL
  • Anti-Ageing properties
  • Contains Pregnenolone - great for skin, hair, memory and nerve protection
  • Aids absorption of essential fats (omega 3’s)


How to Take:

  • Amazing to cook/bake with
  • Mixed in with coffee (Bulletproof)
  • Really good in smoothies (helps thicken as well)

There are other’s that I would recommend (and could be future posts) such as high quality Omega 3s which are beyond a superfood! A staple in my diet either through whole foods or supplements.

P.S. In the 1940s farmers where trying to figure out a way to fatten up there cattle (and chickens), they fed them tons of coconut fat and in both cases, the animals were losing fat mass, leaning out and improving their health stats!

Stay Healthy & Happy!