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"NHS In England Ponders Sugary Drinks Ban"


You can check out the article on the BBC website here


  • The NHS is asking staff and the public whether it would be a good idea to ban or impose a tax on sugary drinks in hospitals.
  • Is it time to finally ‘practice what they preach’?
  • England would be the first in the world to take action
  •  A 20% sugar tax could raise an extra £20-40 million a year which would go towards patient charities and ‘health and wellbeing programmes’ for the NHS employees.
  • A speaksperson from the ‘British Soft Drinks Association’ finds it hard to “justify” a ban or tax on the soft drinks sector, after they have already reduced consumers’ sugar intake by 17% since 2012.


My Thoughts:

I’ve always considered it the BIGGEST paradox, that hospitals have outlets selling sugary processed snacks and drinks, as well as fast food chains such as Burger King and McDonalds. More than 100 NHS hospitals contain fast-food outlets...


…Like really? When the largest chunk of the financial and human resources of the NHS are ‘consumed’ by cardiovascular disease (CVD) related illnesses, which are affected by consumers’ diet and lifestyle…It’s about time they consider the foods and drinks they’re PROMOTING in  hospitals.


Let’s just pray on the 18th January 2017, the NHS take action and set the right (and ethical) example.


It’s a WIN-WIN SITUATION.. Pre-emptive measure to reduce CVD related illnesses and future costs to the NHS, as well as, funding employee ‘health and wellness programmes’.


Lets see what happens… I’ll revisit this later in January.


Have a great weekend!


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