Have you ever found yourself saying, “Okay finally! Tomorrow is the day, I’m starting [Enter any plan or programme you’ve attempted in the past]. No more wine and cheese, no more chocolate, no more carbs etc. And finally going to use my gym membership!”

3-7 days later... you’re hitting a roadblock. You’re tired and exhausted from the low calories and exercising every day. Trying so hard to stick to this rigid programme, which you now hate. You start seeing results, it comes to the weekend and all you can think of is ALL the foods you’re TOLD (or told yourself) to AVOID.

You decide to treat yourself after a week of being ‘really good’ and sticking to your strict diet, by ordering one small desert for dinner… and that’s where it starts.

The rest of the weekend you feel guilty, you’ve broken the diet, you say to yourself “it’s fine! I’ll enjoy the weekend and start all over again on Monday.”

Now you’re sucked into the ‘restricting – overeating cycle’.

Restricting yourself throughout the week, thinking obsessively of all the ‘BAD’ food you’re told to avoid, and ‘rewarding’ yourself with as many of them as you can over the weekend…as you know, come Monday you’re not going to have them for another 5 days -  so you better get them in and enjoy yourself!

This “living for the weekend” trait is VERY common, and almost NEVER leads to weight loss.


1. Because you’re overeating 2-4 times as much on the weekend as you would have if you DIDN’T restrict yourself during the week – now that your behaviour and mindset around certain foods has changed.

2. You’re more than likely over-stressing your body and disrupting your hormonal balance, with the combination of a hardcore low-calorie diet and high amount of exercise – quite the leap from where you were beforehand. This added stress, on top of your work, relationship, social, etc. (and more than likely poor sleep), reduces your body’s ability to burn fat efficiently, and increases muscle catabolism...NOT what you want.

3. After a few cycles of this, you get frustrated with the results and feel terrible. So you end up either scrapping the whole plan altogether, or calling it the weekend by Thursday night and extending your overeating period.


If you’re exhausted and fed up of putting yourself through this psychological battle every month and failing… don’t worry you’re not alone – a lot of people go through the same process (hence you may find yourself having a conversation along these lines with your friends over lunch).

Change your approach... try something different

IF this is YOU, you first you need to ACCEPT that ‘all or nothing’ programmes and plans clearly do NOT work for you in the long-term, and pull you into yo-yo dieting year after year.

Which is completely NORMAL.

These diets are incredibly tough to stick to… why? Because they require you to change so many aspects of lifestyle ALL AT ONCE. As an added bonus, you more than likely have to stop everything you ENJOY, and take up the things you HATE…sounds like a long-term solution right...? Yeah. Sure.

Once you accept that this style is NOT for you, take a second to feel the weight drop off from your shoulders, and smile…you’ve just figured out your BIGGEST mistake with your health and happiness – something a lot of people will continue to search for the rest of their lives.

NOW it’s time to change your perspective and get you on route for lasting change and a healthier and happier lifestyle…


Stay Happy and Healthy,