In the last post I mentioned the difference between outcome and behavioural goals, and gave a couple examples of behavioural goals for specific outcomes.

Today, I’ll walk through the '5 step process' for achieving anything you want – right now.


1. Write Down What It Is That You Want

This is your outcome goal. Don’t overthink it or complicate it, just name it and write down what you want most right now.

2. What skills do you need?

Write down the skills that will help you achieve your outcome goal.

For example, if your goal is to find time to exercise more, a skill you might need, is to learn how to structure your day in advance with either your journal, phone, whiteboard, computer, notepad, etc. whichever method works for you.

3. Write down 1 or 2 behavioural goals you can control and take action on each day, related to those skills

This can be – and should be at the beginning – VERY simple.

For example, if your outcome goal is to get fit and in shape, and your skill could be to get yourself in the habit of going to the gym in the morning before work. A behavioural goal maybe to layout your gym clothes the night before and pack your bag, or simply walking through the gym doors each morning.

4. Congratulate each success

This is really important for supporting your new behavioural patterns. Each night you pack your bag and prepare your clothes, or walk through the gym doors in the morning… congratulate yourself! A simple acknowledgement, smile, clap of the hands will do. Reinforcing positive actions, makes it more likely that you’ll repeat them and build them into a habit. Once they become a habit, you’re on the path to achieving your outcome goal!

5. Repeat

Do the behavioural goals you set out today, tomorrow and so on. Practicing them daily will build in the skills necessary for reaching your goals. If you don’t follow through each day, don’t let it take you off track, remember it’s what we do consistently that creates change, so start each day with a clean slate.


If you follow this 5 step process, you will:

1. Reach your goals QUICKER, with less effort.

2. Have LESS STRESS, as you’re in control of your behaviours

3. MAINTAIN your results, by building in your new habits.


Stay Healthy and Happy