Could You Live Off A Diet Of Only FRUIT?

You can check out the article on the Daily mail website 'here'


  • Women living off fruit alone go against nutritional advice, and have never looked more youthful.
  • They drink juices, have bananas for dinner and sacrifice relationships
  • Experts argue that the all-fruit diet is high in sugar.
  • The article focuses on Inna Wakeham, a healthcare worker from Croydon, who’s gone a full year of being a fruitarian.
  • She hasn’t eaten or drunk anything except fruit and fruit juice, not even a glass of water.
  • After day 5, she found it easy to stick to, although encountered a ‘difficult’ month where she had headaches and felt tired the whole time, but interpreted it as her body naturally detoxifying itself and continued through.
  • She has 1 avocado a day for her ‘protein’.
  • Fruitarians seem to catching the wave as the new ‘food group cutting’ diet craze, after the ‘no-carbs’ diet.
  • Dietitian Anna Daniels says she wouldn’t recommend it to anyone given the malnutrition through deficiencies, very high sugar content, and potential IBS symptoms related to the high-levels of fibre.
  • The diet is deficient in nutrients and vitamins essential for skin and bone health, including: protein, calcium and essential fatty acids.
  • On top of the damage the high levels of sugar has on your teeth enamel, it is also linked to increased risk of cancer, and interfering with the production of collagen – the protein that keeps the skin looking youthful.
  • Nutritionist Zoe Harcombe mentions that fruitarians benefit more from what they’re not eating rather than what they are eating – such as: white flour, alcohol or processed foods.
  • A 42-year-old vitality strategist turned to fruitarian after developing gout and arthritis.
  • She also put her kids on a fruitarian diet throughout the day, and for dinner raw vegetables to help with their allergies.
  • Dietitian Anna warns that the lack of: protein, vitamin B, iron, dietary vitamin D and calcium, is especially worrying for children and increases their chances of stunted growth, anaemia, rickets, and creating fussy eating habits.

My Thoughts:

Firstly, anyone who can commit to such a highly-restrictive diet for a full-year…has unbelievable self-control and will-power, so I congratulate them for having those characteristics -  there is no way I would be able to do the same, even if I thought it was a good idea.

Secondly, I’m a little worried that Inna is a healthcare worker and considers an ‘avocado’ as her protein source for the day… when avocados have in fact 7-8x more fat (healthy omega-3 fats) and 3-4x more carbohydrates (great source of fibre) … both of which are amazing for your health, but if you’re looking at just 3-4g of protein in a whole avocado (and 28g fat / 16g carb) I don’t think avocadoes are exactly a source of protein!

I also agree with Zoe, that going completely fruitarian brings more benefits PURELY from avoiding harmful food sources than the benefits of eating just fruit. Plus, the deficiencies listed are VERY important to the functionality of our organs and long-term health.

Learning how to thrive shouldn’t take you to extremes. Extremes are typically very hard to stick to and sustain without a lot of self-control and energy. They can create poor relationships with food, nutrient deficiencies by excluding food groups, and give food control over the way you live your life… rather than the other way around.

Instead, focus on where you are now, and what SMALL simple adjustment you could make (and achieve consistently) with your lifestyle – be it food, exercise, stress, sleep, work etc. related… all these areas contribute to a healthy lifestyle, so don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

Focus on small incremental changes with a HOLISTIC view on your health, and you will master living healthy and happy without having to pour all your energy into unsustainable extreme diets or exercise programmes – which may be even more detrimental in the long-term – and, most importantly, you can use that energy to focus on more important aspects of your life!

Stay Healthy and Happy,