The Secret Plan to Save Fat Britain

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If you have a chance, you can watch the dispatches documentary (27mins) on ‘All 4’ here

What you will see in the documentary is shocking. It shows the power of lobbyists over the government today, and how money and multinational interests trump our children’s health.

  • The re-drafted Childhood Obesity Plan under Theresa May cut out 24 pages’ worth of content from David Cameron’s draft.
  • They instead used ‘suggestive measures’ rather than mandatory changes such as: ‘voluntary target for manufacturers to cut sugar in children's food and drink products, such as cereals and yoghurts, by 20%.’
  • Actions to limit and remove irresponsible advertising targeted at children were REMOVED
  •  Restrictions on junk food promotions were REMOVED
  • Only clear ‘strategy’ moving forward seemed to be the sugary drinks tax. Where drinks with 8g of sugar (2 teaspoons) per 100ml or more would be taxed, and the profits would go into schooling.


My Thoughts:

May’s proposed plan literally cut out all the MAIN elements that would have made a huge impact on childhood obesity.

Makes you wonder WHY..? And you can only point to the elephants sitting in the room with the big pairs of scissors, which are the multinationals and their ‘backhanding’.

Personally I think it’s a shame that our government is so SHORT-TERM FOCUSED - most likely because of the way the political system is structured with elections every 5 years, parties in power focus on the short-term results rather than considering the long-term implications.

In fact, I find it kind of ironic… considering cardiovascular disease (CVD) is our BIGGEST KILLER, and most of these conditions are correlated to obesity and lifestyle factors, which consumes the majority of our resources within the NHS, creating a huge strain. And yes you guessed it, it’s by far our BIGGEST COST.

...Along with our childhood obesity rate increasing this year after plateauing the previous two years, and our British men taking the gold for the FATTEST IN EUROPE, and our women holding the silver.


May had the OPPORTUNITY to set an example to other countries of putting our HEALTH above the influence of multinationals, which may have had a short-term negative impact economically.

However, long-term, it would have reduced the strain on the NHS, free up more resources, and economically saved billions. Without even mentioning the most important factor that our country’s physical and psychological health would have improved 10 fold.

…This wasn’t as short as I planned, but it’s a very topical issue, and I hoped it sparked interest! Will keep it shorter next time  ;)

Have a great weekend and as always,

Stay Healthy & Happy!

P.S If you’re sitting down for the weekend watching your TV shows… count how many unhealthy, processed, fast-food commercials you see, and notice – if you have children how they react to them.