Drastic Change = Simplify

If you’re like most of our clients, you’ve tried to lose weight, get in shape and achieve a better level of overall health in the past.

To get there, you may have put in place certain ‘rules’ in place to abide by:

  • Only eat 97g of carbohydrates
  • Keep below 1,600 calories
  • Make sure to get in 200g + of protein
  • Stick to the ‘shredding bible’ workout programme
  • Juice fast with the ‘fat-burner juicing recipes’
  • Take green tea extract, yohimbe, ‘fat blaster’, thermopure, l-carnitine, l-arginine, l-glutamine l-lysine, l-theanine,  l-whatever…

…each day, EVERY day.

It’s no wonder so many find it hard to get into shape, burning themselves out before they even start to consider their lifestyle commitments to work, friends, family, career progression, and the much-needed time off / holiday breaks to recover.

The expectations most people have going into a professionally developed coaching programme is a full overhaul of changes so that you can get started on right away – expecting lasting change overnight.

If you’ve been coached by a professional, then you know this is not what happens, because from experience, research, and evidenced-based practice, we know that….

….to make drastic and lasting change, you need to SIMPLIFY.

Mastering ONE habit at a time.

This may sound basic, simple, and too small to create meaningful change… so why bother?

Because mastering how to do the basics well around your lifestyle, and being able to do them CONSISTENTLY, will get you further than any ‘shortcut to ripped’ programme will ever do in the long run.... without the extreme bouts of restriction, stress, effort and time.

This method might even be the absolute opposite of what you’d expect…


  • Being free from obsessively count calories hitting your ‘macros’
  • Keeping eating simple, enjoyable (again)
  • Making measurable progress
  • Taking things one step at a time
  • Having support and guidance along the way

A method that seems realistic, with manageable and achievable lifestyle changes.

And now put your past experiences to the test…

  • Did restriction really work for you?
  • Did calorie-counting really work for you?  
  • Did a complicated nutrition programme with elements of carb cycling really work for you?
  • Did [enter programme] really work for you?

If it didn’t consider the opposite, what would that look like to you? And try out an ‘opposites day’.

It’s not about what we do that matters, it’s about what we can do consistently that makes the difference.

Taking simple, small and progressive steps consistently will take you to the summit of any mountain.

Check out the  previous post "A Different Approach", where I go into this in more detail.

Committed to building your health,


Hugo Mayhew