What to expect in 6 steps

1. COMPLETE THE SIGN UP FORM AND SCHEDULE YOUR FREE 15 MINUTE CALL (HERE): Lets get to know each other, ensure that this is the right programme for you, and that we're a great fit for working together on your journey.

2. GETTING TO KNOW YOU (INTAKE QUESTIONNAIRE) : Once you have your unique username and password to sign into your homepage, you will be asked to fill out an 'intake' questionnaire including: name, age, weight, goals, medical background, lifestyle,  activity levels, food and dietary preferences, amongst others, so we can get clear on exactly where you are, what you enjoy, and where you want to be. 

3. QUICK-START GUIDE: Shortly after you'll be sent a personalised QUICK-START GUIDE based on your responses so you have something actionable and tangible to start with from day one. The guide Includes:

  1. Personal overview with goals, activity levels, and recommended intake
  2. Custom portion control guide using hand-sized guidelines bespoke to you
  3. Workout nutrition guide based on your exercise preferences and goals
  4. Grocery shopping and a meal prep guide
  5. An additional section with tips for success

4. STARTING THE PROGRAMME: The programme will begin the first Monday after your sign up, with daily emails to let you know what's on "Today". You can then either go directly to your homepage by clicking on the link in the email, or log online in your own time on your computer or phone to see what's on your "Today's" homepage. Here you will see:

  1. Daily Lessons: Related to your current habit. Short in length and including articles, videos, audio files and downloads all to help you build skills, understand the relevance of the habit and discover new ways of doing them
  2. Habit Check-Ins: There to remind you how to practise you habit, and a simple "yes" or "no" if you managed to complete it that day. Every two weeks you’ll receive a new habit – something you’ll practice each day, to help build a particular nutrition or lifestyle skill
  3. Occasional Assignments: These are a couple questions outlined below some of the lessons,  designed to provoke thinking, imagination, and reflection on the lesson, helping the key content 'stick' through active engagement 
  4. Bi-Weekly Progress Checks: These can be objective measures such as bodyweight, girths and photos, but also subjective measures to ensure you're heading in the right direction and progressing towards your goals

5. DURING THE PROGRAMME: Your coach will be checking in with you, offering support when needed and accountability. They'll be guiding you throughout the process to ensure you're on the right pathway, and of course enjoying the process!

5. ENDING THE PROGRAMME: Firstly, congratulations...! You are now part of the 45,000 clients having successfully completed the ProCoach programme. What you would have learned and practiced during the course of the year will have fully equipped you to manage your health and happiness for the rest of your life (check out our guarantee below). If you'd like to stay on with the coaching, some clients like to repeat the programme to further embed the habits,  a similar idea to adding 'reps' in the gym to get you stronger. 

*PROGRAMME GUARANTEE* At Build to Health, we understand that the health industry can be a tough place to navigate through to find professionals that truly care for their clients and their long-lasting health and happiness.

For every client accepted into our group or 1-1 coaching we offer a 100% money back guarantee to those that have completed just 80% of the programme and felt their health and happiness has not significantly improved... we're that confident.

Our mission is to impact the lives of our clients for the better, and expect nothing less from your experience with us.